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Experiences around the Blue Garibaldi

Some time ago, one evening I stopped in a place outside the city that I didn't know, immersed in the Emilian countryside. It was like going back in time, the scent of freshly cut grass and wild mallow entered my bedroom at BlueGaribaldi by surprise. The next morning, when I woke up, I seemed to be out of time, I heard the slight sound of the wind that moved the branches of the surrounding lime trees, almost touching them from the window. After the nice refreshing breakfast, and having said goodbye to Gian luca who had welcomed me so well, I rented a bike and walked towards the stream .... which skirted the large Casa Garibaldi. To my surprise I noticed that the river ......... was not uninhabited but had given accommodation to ducks, herons and pheasants, it was like being part of nature. the sun was high, I had walked all the embankment that was lost in sight, I should have stopped to rest. While making these considerations, I noticed the restaurant ......... , then I stopped to eat something simple and genuine like that place and took a seat at a beautiful table between a wisteria and a fig tree. After drinking a glass of good wine I decided to continue. I had heard of a unique and particular place that was in those surroundings, the .......... I took another road and I arrived at this magical place. The play of light between the fields and the sky, the smells of the countryside have remained within me, I can't wait to go back.