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Castle of San Pietro in Cerro

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Castle of San Pietro in Cerro (PC) – Castles of the Duchy Circuit
Territory Ambassador Guided tour with Franco Spaggiari, owner of the Castle of San Pietro
Guided tour and toast
Saturday 15 May 2021
Saturday 9 October 2021
“Art is everyone’s heritage”: for this reason the owner of the manor is happy and honored to open the doors of the Castle of San Pietro to anyone who wishes to visit it. Guests will be accompanied to discover the history and architecture of the fifteenth-century fortress on the plain; the visit includes a walk through the rooms and halls furnished and finely decorated on the ground floor and the noble floor, access to the MiM – Museum in Motion – collection of contemporary art set up in the ancient walkway and to the exhibition China Millenary – I Warriors of Xian who find space in the dungeons. It will also be an opportunity for visitors to learn about the latest project, the weapons room, where an exhibition of precious relics related to the art of war is set up: swords, spears, halberds, scimitars, armor, daggers, knives , pistols and rifles from all over the world. A final toast with local wines is expected.
Where it takes place: Castle of San Pietro in Cerro
Duration: 2 hours
Reservation required
A final toast with local wines is expected.
Indicative cost for the participant of the overall experience: adults € 15
reduced children (from 6 to 12 years) € 10
0-5 years free
Ambassador of the Territory: Franco Spaggiari, a great art lover and patron, accompanies guests on their visit, who after the purchase of the Castle of San Pietro in Cerro in 1993 personally oversaw its conservative restoration with love, respect and devotion.
Castle of San Pietro in Cerro:
Castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli circuit: – ​​tel. 0521.823221
You are the guest in an authentic territory. The new project of the Castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli Association entitled “Ambassadors of the Territory” returns from September 2020 and in 2021: a format with the patronage of Parma 2020 + 21 Capital of Italian Culture and the contribution of the Cariparma Foundation and Tourist Destination Emilia PTPL aims to generate a choral story of the territory on the occasion of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020 + 21 and Emilia 2020 +21.
“Unique cultural experiences” are scheduled throughout the year in wonderful places – not only fortresses, fortresses, manors of the circuit but also villages, nature trails, shops, tasting spaces and museums – where participants are accompanied by special Ambassadors of the Territory, for example: public or private owners of “places of art”, owners of private castles and pro-tempore proprietary mayors as administrators of public monumental assets become guides and tell you about “their home”; someone as unexpected as a rezdora who has always lived there; a shopkeeper explains a way; the integrated stranger tells you about his corner of the city or town where he found a new home and shows that place with his eyes, also bringing his knowledge of origin as a dowry; the shepherd or farmer on the Apennines. The Ambassadors tell about “their home” in exclusive and emotional guided tours, explaining the history and identity of their places, why they love them, live them and share them. The project focuses on the concept of “narrating voice” brand identity and responds to the need to define how Parma2020 and Emilia2020 narrate: the Castles of the Duchy do it in an original way.
The Ambassadors of the Territory are the first protagonists of the “culture of hospitality” addressed to the logic of tourism. The calendar of emotional-experiential-cultural guided tours – we anticipate the first novelties – will see each of the ambassadors narrating the place with which they have been connected and the individual’s experience with his anecdotes. Focus: how I live here, what I do, what I love. The guided tour will not be the classic path that takes place in a standard way, but the meeting with an Ambassador who tells it in his own way. The guided tours with the Ambassadors thus become a series of concrete initiatives and at the same time communication and visibility actions for the whole territory because they will promote an area rich in beauty where you can feel good, live locally, between traditions, food and wine, typical products, sustainability of the territory. They will strengthen an idea of ​​an open territorial community.
The project is completed by a new publication of about 150 pages – subject to availability in the bookshops of the individual manors – which tells the story of “the journey through the Castles of the Duchy between curiosities and secrets” from the past to today, in search of priceless treasures. It tells of family ties, surprising characters, rooms and gardens to excite, astonish and enchant the reader bringing it closer to our great story of beauty and authenticity, told and embellished with beautiful images.
The project intends to build and strengthen the spirit of affection and community around the art places of the territory, encourage citizens to know not to be taken for granted of unique monuments and spaces, expand participation in the cultural life of the territory, instill a new culture of hospitality tourism of which we are all called to be speakers and co-creators: it has been highlighted, in fact, as a criticality that – while many Italian and foreign tourists – come to visit our places of art, too many inhabitants still ignore them. The potential of the Emilia and regional context on Parma 2020 is considerable: the movement of people in the territory itself and in the region is a very interesting basin. By using “wing people”, “mirror people” such as the Territory Ambassadors, a positive identification can be obtained.

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15 maggio 2021 10:00 - 9 ottobre 2021 12:00


San Pietro in Cerro

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