strada di Gazzolo 32, 43019 Castellina di Soragna (PR)
Our History

The Bluegaribaldi is located in a late 19th century farmhouse, in the countryside of the lower Parma area. The farmhouse was inside an agricultural farm, so in addition to the owner’s and the workers’ home it was composed of a stable for the cows that produced milk for Parmigiano Reggiano, a small sty for the pigs that were kept for production salami, coppa, spalla, pancetta and his majesty the Culatello. There was also a chicken coop for chickens, ducks and turkeys and an oven for baking bread, near which there was the “furnasèla” which was used to heat the water and produce ash for washing clothes. The Blue Garibaldi was created in the building dedicated to the storage of tools and machinery, added to the oven and the calf stables in 1933. The peculiarity of the farmhouse is that it was built all in bricks, there are also bricks of the ‘400, they are the larger bricks, because there were probably already on the site of previous constructions, all reusable was reused. In the part of the ancient house and in the stable including the barn, there is now a company that deals with communication and is perfectly linked to the tower which is an ancient dovecote that was used for carrier pigeons, on the top of the tower there is a bust of Garibaldi made in stone that turns its gaze towards Milan. The farmhouse nestled in the countryside but very close to the motorway exit is also known as the Garibaldi house and in the topographic maps as the Colombaia house is a historic building.

Gianluca Strozzi – Promoter of sustainable tourism