Local delicacies

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Local delicacies Parmigiano Culatello Lambrusco

To customers who wish, we offer the pre-order service of local delicacies directly from our producers (zero km) of Parmesan, salami and wines.
These are small family-run companies that maintain the tradition of times past and produce with the most innovative techniques.
https://www.parmigianoreggiano.com/it/caseifici/az-agr-bertinelli/ has always been our trusted Parmesan producer.
https://www.leantighe.it/ is a winery that produces Lambrusco, Gutturnio and Malvasia.
http://www.salumificiosquisito.it/ is a small cured meat producer very close to us registered at https://www.consorziodituteladelculatellodizibello.com/it/consorziati , who "creates" Culatello and all traditional Emilian cold cuts.