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The magical night of the stars at the Castello di Scipione

From Friday 9 August to Saturday 10 August 2019
In preview Friday 9 August and Saturday 10 August, for the long night of San Lorenzo, it will be possible to admire the spectacle of shooting stars from the Castle of Scipione of the Marquises Pallavicino, the Millenary Castle on the hills of Sale, in the enchanted village two km from Salsomaggiore Terme and halfway between Parma and Piacenza.
For the occasion, upon booking, the Castle will open its doors for two nightly candlelight guided tours. When the evening light envelops the village, the austere and magical Castle will light up with the light of the flames to welcome its guests in the enchanted atmosphere of ancient times. Among the romantic twinkling of torches and stars, musical notes, it will be possible to retrace the history of the oldest Castle in the Province, listening to the stories told by the fifteenth and seventeenth-century frescoes.
The seventeenth-century portico overlooking the sky and the stars will also be opened, the scale of the horses with its secret garden among the shadows of the hundred-year-old box trees and flowering hostas, and the large garden at the foot of the tower, where, amid the intense scent of roses and of the white caper flowers that have always invaded the walls of the Castle, it will be possible to linger until midnight to watch the spectacle of the starry sky and, with a little luck, to observe the magic of the Perseids whizzing in the dark night and express a wish.
For those wishing to spend more time in the Millennium Castle on the hills, two exclusive and romantic suites are available to guests, including the square tower of the Castle, on two floors, with a view of the starry sky and the hilly landscape.
Reservations required.
Cost of the event per person: 12.00 euros
Children 6 to 16 years included: 8.00 euros
Cost for children (up to 5 years): free
The event also takes place in case of bad weather